Welcome to the official website for the bands of Springtown ISD                                

Springtown Intermediate School Beginning Band

Questions about band? Contact Ms. Rodriguez


Woodwinds/Main Director - Ms. Rodriguez

Double Reeds - Mr. McLellan

Trumpets - Mr. McPhetrige

French Horn/Trombone - Mr. Dolkos

Euphonium/Tuba - Mrs. Wells

Percussion - Ms. Garza

Need to rent an instrument?

Instrument Rentals can be done through the following website:

The Bandwagon (use code "wagon")


Remind Codes: 

  • Full Band: @sisban
  • Ms. Rodriguez's classes: @sisww6
  • Ms. Garza's class: @sos6
  • Mrs. Wells' class: @sis6t

Google Classroom Codes:

  • Flutes: jpy3s5d
  • Double Reeds: 5evvnek
  • Clarinets 6th pd: lh4loqu
  • Clarinets 7th pd: e7yw7vt
  • Saxophones: svphrgy
  • Trumpets: htzjz5k
  • French Horns: ykihhqz
  • Trombones: wjaw3sr
  • Low Brass (euphonium/tuba): ioem47r
  • Percussion: eqt7ovq